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Article no.: 313
Last modified: 2011/5/10
Category: FAQ

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[ViewPad 7] Install application on memory card.


How do I install applications to my micro SD card?

Affected Products

ViewPad 7
By default, all applications on the handset will be installed on device memory. An application can only be moved to the micro SD card if it was designed by the developer to have that function.

To install applications to the micro SD card, please press MENU > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > then tap on the application that prefer to install on the micro SD card > Move to SD card (if the applocation support this function).

▲ If "Move to SD card" option is in gray, that means the application is not compatible to be installed on the micro SD card. Please contact the developer for support details.

▲ You will not be able to enable the applications on the SD card if the device is on "Disk drive mode" connected to PC.
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